Engage the future, redefine what’s possible...

Educators for Social Justice (E4SJ) is an educational community created for freshmen majoring in Liberal Studies Elementary Education and Child Development. As a participant in E4SJ, you’ll gain a network that supports you academically, develops you professionally, and connects you to resources for educators.

What Educators for Social Justice offers:

  • Instant connections. Be part of a diverse and multi-faceted cohort of first-year students.
  • All Around Support. This includes other students, a team of transformational education professors, writing tutors, peer mentors, and bilingual staff.
  • Community Immersion. You will meet your E4SJ community, learn more about your cohort classes, and explore the local area.
  • Cohort Classes. Take classes that help you prepare for teaching, empower you to advocate for education, and imagine radically caring learning environments.
  • Social Justice Engagement. Explore how your future career as a teacher can engage the future, redefine what is possible in the classroom.
  • Peer Writing Tutors. Get connected with trained tutors, who are part of your E4SJ network, to help you be successful in your writing and reading assignments.

Our group of faculty, peer mentors, and staff believe that the key to great teaching is learning from great educators and having opportunities to collaborate with learners who are passionate about the same goal: making the schooling experience equitable and empowering for all students. We hope to support you in building skills that aid your future learning, growth, and success in your future career as a teacher.


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